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Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster
Ultimate Shoulder Holster

Ultimate Shoulder Holster

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A Comfortable And Concealed Carry Solutions For Every Situation!

Finding The Most Comfortable Concealed Carry BUT Still Be 100% Ready To Protect Yourself & Family

Ultimate Shoulder Holster is the answer for you! Very Classic, but Practical. A Combination of Tactical and Comfort: Ultimate Shoulder Holster allows you to feel like nothing between clothes - Fully comfortable and undetectable thanks to its finest quality fabric and soft neoprene.

Adjustable and Universal Design: Ultimate Shoulder Holster works with most Small, Medium, or Large frame pistols and other tactical gears such as knives, mags, phones or flashlights. 

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Versatile: Ultimate Shoulder Holster can stay securely under your jacket. With padded shoulder harness designed for maximum comfort, the Ultimate Shoulder Holster is fully adjustable for all body types, from large to small, and can be used for both left-hand and right-hand users.

Above all, Ultimate Shoulder Holster, which is designed by US Veteran, is made to solve over  5 problem gun owners usually have. Let's check it out.

Keep Your Friends & Family Close, BUT Your Gun Closer

One of the first lessons any cadets in U.S Military Academy learn is the 3-second rule. It is, to keep yourself always prepared with an unbeatable quick draw time. It's, of course, best that you should carry your gun with you, but if for any reason you can't (Like when you cook, do DIY, sleep), you should leave your gun somewhere visible, reachable and only 3 seconds or less away from you. So if something wrong happens, you can immediately grab it and be ready.

Ultimate Shoulder Holster is the best replacement for any common gun holsters when we're home or driving. Put your gun under your jacket or suit, set your belly free for a few moments but still keep yourself 100% prepared.

Prepare All Time: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination. With Ultimate Shoulder Holster, now you can grab your gun like banana, right to your body, and be ready for any situation

Common Question: Does It Slip?

The answer is NO. Being made of finest quality fabric with anti-slip friction material strips, Ultimate Shoulder Holster can firmly hold your gears where they are supposed to be.

You can also adjust its velcro to fit different sizes of toys from sub-compact, compact, standard size pistol, full-size 1911s, Ultimate Shoulder Holster also works well for M&P Shield, Walther PPS, Glock, S&W Ruger, and most other guns.

Its adjustability allows itself to hold even tactical flashlights tight, with a diameter up to 1.5 inches.

Why buy Ultimate Shoulder Holster

✔️Ready & Prepared: Allows you to get yourself ready for an emergency even when you're at home sleeping, reading books, fixing doors, cooking dinner or driving on the highway.

✔️Time-Saving: Ultimate Shoulder Holster saves you a lot of time getting your guns, rather than running to your gun vault, pull the key out, and grab the gun. Now you can get your gun mounted within a hand's reach.

✔️Premium Quality: With High-quality fabric and anti-slip friction material strips, Ultimate Shoulder Holster ensures years of serving you and your family.

✔️Comfort: Instead of carrying guns all the time at home or while driving, Ultimate Shoulder Holster gives you 100% comfort, especially for all-day gun carriers.



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